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Q: What are the pitching rules for Cal Ripken Tournaments?

A: There is no limitation on the number of innings a pitcher may pitch in a tournament game subject to the following pitch count limitations:


Also, a pitcher cannot pitch in 3 consecutive games or in three consecutive days regardless of pitch count. The exemption to this is the 7-8 year old division. The pitch count is determined by the age of the tournament regardless of the player's league age (example = all pitchers in a 12U tournament are governed by the 11-12 pitch count limit even if their league age is 10). All players have full pitching eligibility beginning at each level of tournament competition.

Q: What is the 'must-play' rule in tournaments?

A: In Maine all player listed on the lineup card must play a minimum of 1 at-bat and play in the field for 3 defensive outs. If all players do not meet this minimum game play requirement it will result in a forfeiture of that game. This is only applicable in a 6-inning game; if a game is ended early because of a 10-run or 15-run rule there is no penalty if a player does not get into the game.

Q: What is the EH and how does that player meet the 'must-play' requirements?

A: The EH (extra hitter) is the same as the major league designated hitter (think David Ortiz). The EH is a starter like any other starter and can re-enter a game if substituted for. He can switch positions the same as other players without it being considered a substitution (example = EH goes in to play short and the shortstop moves into the dugout to become the EH. Next inning the new EH goes out to play left field and that player then moves to the dugout as the EH). The EH must still get 1 at-bat and play 3 defensive outs in the field to meet the requirements of the 'must-play' rule.

Q: Can a player re-enter a game?

A: Any of the starting players may withdraw and re-enter once provided the player occupies the same position in the batting order. Once a substitute is withdrawn from a game they cannot re-enter.

Q: Are there any exceptions to that rule?

A: In the event of an injury or ejection and all eligible players have been used a substitute can re-enter the game. The opposing manager will select the player to replace the injured/ejected player.

Q: Can a substitute replace a substitute?

A: Yes, a substitute can replace another substitute and the starting player may still re-enter for the substitute. (example = starter Betts is replaced by substitute Devers; substitute Devers is replaced by substitute Bradley. Starter Betts is eligible to replace Bradley).

Q: What is the 10 run / 15 run Rule in Cal Ripken Division?

A: Any Cal Ripken Division tournament game must terminate immediately once becoming regulation (3 1/2 or 4 innings) if one team is ahead by ten (10) or more runs and has had equal times at bat, or the home team is leading. OR Any Cal Ripken Division tournament game must terminate immediately if one team is ahead by fifteen (15) or more runs  after two and a half (2 1/2) or three (3) innings and has had equal times at bat, or the home team is leading.




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